Urban Ecology: Conference & Masterclass

Designing Brussels Ecosystems


What is an urban ecosystem? Which dimensions of urban reality do the various aspects of ecosystems reveal to our look and to our judgement? What tools do they enable in the various fields of study involved? To what extent can these additional ‘lenses’ help us reorient how we think about cities and the societies that lives within them? How to engage in ‘transversal’ action within and upon society and the environment?

Conference 18-19|10|2018

The first day will explore the variety of scientific approaches to the interaction between society and environment with the aim to contribute to an interdisciplinary approach of these questions, exploring four aspects of the concept of ecosystem: natural ecosystems, social ecosystems, political ecosystems, and knowledge ecosystems.
The second day we will have the occasion to experiment and sketch in four parallel thematic workshops, which are the ecosystems linked to different Brussels' situations studied in the framework of Metrolab project. The result of these two day conference will put the qualitative bases of the MasterClass on Brussels Ecosystems that will take place in January 2019.

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We produced a series of interviews of local stakeholders on the topic of ecosystems, watch their comments here.

MasterClass 28|01 - 8|02|2018

The MasterClass Designing Brussels Ecosystems represents the second step of the Brussels Ecosystems event started with the conference hold on October 18-19th 2018.

The two different events included in Brussels Ecosystems aim to complete each other: During the conference we first explored various ways in which the concept of ecosystem can be shaped in order to allow the encounter between concepts - which are often metaphorical in nature - and methods derived from them, thus creating an integrated framework for analysis. The MasterClass will continue with this multi-level analysis to explore the problematics and paradoxes previously identified with a focus on different cases including projects funded by the ERDF programme for 2014-2020. Therefore the MasterClass' intention is to put this process to test, starting from the realities of Brussels and the intercultural profiles of the 30 participants coming from international universities.

To learn more about this MasterClass, read the Guidebook we prepared for participants.

The work produced during the MasterClass as well as practical and theoretical insights are now gathered in Metrolab second publication " Designing Brussels Ecosystems" available to read here.

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