The qualities of hospitality and the concept of ‘inclusive city’

Designing Urban Inclusion - Metrolab Brussels MasterClass I


This short presentation will examine how hospitality can contribute to our understanding of urban environments as we strive for more ‘inclusive’ cities. ‘Hospitality’ refers here not only to a personal virtue, but more generally to a quality of environments, situations, contexts, ambiances, objects, spaces, buildings, institutions, or even more broadly the ‘world’ itself, as explained by John Dewey:

‘All deliberate action of mind is in a way an experiment with the world to see what it will stand for, what it will promote and what frustrate. The world is tolerant and fairly hospitable. It permits and even encourages all sorts of experiments. But in the long run some are more welcomed and assimilated than others.’ (Dewey, 1919: 48-49)

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