Barbara Le Fort

PhD candidate (UCL-LOCI) Associate Metrolab member


From research assistant (urban density and urban fabric typology [2012-2014], new sustainable districts benchmark [2014-2015]) to PhD Student and Professor assistant at the “Strategical Planning” studio (UCL specialized master Urban Design and Territorial Development), Barbara focuses her researches on urban intensity in residential developments through typo-morphological analysis and research-by-design process.

Research abstract

The research explores spatial mutations within semi-industrial mixed urban blocks in the Brussels Canal area. It starts from the postulate that productive buildings integrated with the surrounding dense urban fabric can be seen as a resource for new space and projects. Proposing an unprecedented survey of the architectural and urban configurations specific to this strategic area, the research aims to analyse to what extent the typo-morphological characteristics of the urban fabric contribute to the resilience of complex socio-environmental urban ecosystems. The research provides a critical perspective on the urban development of these mixed fabrics. It highlights the need to recognize typo-morphological diversity as a common spatial capital to be protected and regenerated, and questions the current lack of urban planning tools adapted to this challenge.

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