Urban ecology

In our Post-Fordist times, Nature is deemed to be a key element for urban growth as it is profoundly implicated in the production and reproduction of the city.

Urban ecology

Metrolab takes the standpoint of urban ecology affirming the oneoness of man and nature. Brussels is regarded as an ecosystem and urbanization itself is a constitutively socio-natural process. Brussels’ metropolitan area is the context where the intricate socio-natural relation of the city unfolds.

The close collaboration of the disciplines behind the Metrolab will enable to review Brussels’ metabolism through process-oriented accounts of its circulatory dynamics. This will emphasise the interplay of local, regional, and global systems sustaining the city urban form and it will inform practitioners – the actors of the ERBF projects – about the impact of their interventions.

To know more about the MasterClass "Brussels Ecosystems" we organised on 2018-2019, watch this video

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