Marco Ranzato

Postdoctoral researcher (ULB-LoUIsE) MLB scientific coordinator MLB steering committee


Marco Ranzato is an architect and holds a PhD in Environmental Engineering. He has worked and collaborated with different academic contexts as the Delft University of Technology, the Tongji University (China) and the Université Libre de Bruxelles. His research interests are ecology in urban design and,  co-design processes and co-production of services.

Research abstract

In Brussels, the ERBF projects 2014-2020 have all been engineered for enhancing the urban metabolism of the region. The studies investigate how and to which extend an urban design project can actually be implemented against this ambitious goal of improving the regional production and consumption patterns. Giving preference to water-related ERDF projects, the chains of actors and spaces associated to the flows of materials —water in particular — mobilized by the projects are analysed. The projects are taken as pilots where testing alternative design methods and solutions to synch an urban project with a common metropolitan strategy of urban metabolism.

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Topics: urban ecology

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