Roselyne de Lestrange

Postdoctoral researcher (UCL-LOCI) MLB scientific coordinator MLB steering committee


Roselyne de Lestrange is an architect and landscape designer. She worked as a project leader in public administrations and private offices, in France, Belgium and Argentina. She collaborates with Université Catholique de Louvain both as a teacher and a researcher. Her research interests are landscape, systemic design approaches and coproduction processes in urbanism.

Research abstract

Open spaces matrix as a metropolitan infrastructure. With the territorialist methodology and landscape ecology tools, the research analyzes the grain of the Brussels metropolitan territory, and the integrative dynamics locally valuing its neoecosystemic resources. Then it crosses thoses topics, seeking for systems of spatial arrangement and related practices able to set the open space matrix as a hole, and the blue and green networks more specifically, as carrying structures for the metropolitan development. Then, from an ecosystemic design approach wich includes co-design with skateholders, a research by design process explores possibilities for some of the ERDF projects 2014-2020 to strenghten this potential. 

Topics: urban ecology

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