MasterClass working group’s scientific mission in the United States

From the 13th to the 22nd September 2017, the MasterClass working group will be on a scientific mission in the United States.


After closing the first thematic cycle on urban inclusion with the MasterClass we organised on January 2017, Metrolab is now focusing its attention on the second thematic cycle: urban ecology. In order to prepare the second MasterClass and conference on this topic, the MasterClass working group will spend 10 days with some of Metrolab international institutions: MIT, Harvard, New School and Columbia universities.

This journey represents a first investigation into the topic of urban ecology and a significant step ahead for the reinforcement of the exchange with the above institutions.

Besides meeting with professors and experts, this journey will be an opportunity for a true dialogue about ecosystems, landscape architecture, urban metabolism and other topics related to urban ecology.

Metrolab members participating to this scientific mission: Bernard Declève, Geoffrey Grulois, Marco Ranzato, Roselyne de Lestrange, Mathieu Berger, Benoit Moritz, Pauline Varloteaux, Corentin Sanchez-Trenado, Andrea Bortolotti.

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