Study trip and research seminar: « Bruxelles-Montréal en projet »


The Brussels-Montreal project is a platform for exchange and learning on urban projects and densification. This platform was initiated in 2014 by the urban studies department of University du Québec à Montréal (UQàM) on the Montreal side and by the LOCI faculty (UCL) on the Brussels side. In 2014, it led to an international colloquium organized in Montreal by the VRM (Villes Régions Monde) network and the UQàM Management School. The proceedings of the symposium will be published within this year.

This platform is a partner of Metrolab and an opportunity for exchanges and meetings among researchers working on similar issues within the two metropolitan areas. In order to link research to teaching, UCL's URBA Master students and three Metrolab researchers travelled together to Montreal from February 10th-19th, 2017. This trip allowed students and researchers to meet local stakeholders and to participate in a research seminar hosted by Priscilla Ananian and Florence Paulhiac Scherrer (Ecole des Sciences de la Gestion-ESG UQàM professors).


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