Ecology of Urban Knowledge Notes from the Metrolab experience

Designing Brussels Ecosystems - Metrolab Brussels MasterClass II


In this text, which reformulates some of the remarks made at the end of the Brussels Ecosystems conference, I put forward some ideas for an ecological approach not to the city, but to knowledge about the city and ‘research action’ on urban problems. Since the various ecological niches and spheres of knowledge in which knowledge about the city is produced are also ‘semiotic niches’ (Hoffmeyer, 2008) and ‘semiospheres’ (Lotman, 1991), i.e. spaces characterized by the prevalence of certain types of signs and certain modes of signification over others, we refer to this approach as ‘semiotic ecology’, or ‘eco-semiotics’ (Berger, 2018; Van Hollebeke, 2020).

Download the whole pdf of the article.

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